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More Helpful Painting Tips & Ideas

  • Paint old wooden cabinets to create a more modern feel in your kitchen. Spary old knobs, handles & hinges with brushed nickel, chrome or stainless steel spray paint to create chic kitchen hardware.
  • Add some modern elegance to your bedrooms with an accent wall two shades darker than the main wall colour. Your accent wall is guaranteed to compliment the main wall colour & will add some punch to the room.
  • Plain white trim can be very stark & unflattering to your room colour. Try a greyed white to go with cool colours and a brightened white with a hint of ochre for use with warm wall colours.

Helpful Tips To Make Painting Easier For Everyone!


  • When painting a room, begin with your ceiling. When you cut in the ceiling, paint approximately 1” onto the wall so that when you do the wall, you will erase that annoying edge where the old wall colour can be seen between the ceiling and the new wall colour
  • To stop from paint gumming up near the end of the bristles, put a piece of  1 ½” painters’ tape about half onto the bristles and half onto the ferrule. Remove the tape before cleaning & the part near the ferrule will be a breeze to clean
  • Always use a man made bristle such as nylon or polyester for latex paints. Natural bristle brushes will absorb the water in the paint, causing it to swell & soften. This will make the paint start to drag when brushed & the brush too soft to use properly
  • When doing a room with high ceilings, double cut your edges & do one wall at a time. You will have a larger edge to work with which will reduce the odds of hitting the ceiling and reduce the chance of picture framing by being able to roll into a wider area

Painting Cabinets


Have you ever wanted to change your kitchen cabinets but thought that you couldn’t afford to do it? Felt that you didn’t have the thousands of dollars needed to replace those old, tired looking cabinets? I know how that feels & trust me, I know it is not enjoyable. But....what if I told you that you could have the look of new cabinets for less than $250? Painting your cabinets is an incredibly inexpensive & surprisingly easy way to renew & rejuvenate the look of your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of new cabinets.


The Steps Involved

There are four steps involved to painting cabinets and each one plays an important role in painting cabinets whether you are repainting previously painted cabinets or painting stained & varnished wood cabinets. The four steps are: Cleaning, Sanding, Priming & Painting.

1) Cleaning

It is important to remove any dirt or film that could be present on the surface of your cabinets. A kitchen leads to a variety of substances that could go unnoticed on your cabinets from grease to dirt to cleaning product residue. It is important to remove any contaminants before sanding. Depending on how much cleaning is required, you can use a variety of products.

For light cleaning, a mixture of dish detergent and water is usually sufficient. For slightly heavier cleaning, you can use a multi-purpose cleaner in a dilution of water. For heavier cleaning, you may choose to use a mixture of TSP (tri-sodium phosphate), bleach & water. Regardless of what method you use & what it may say on the cleaning product’s label, it is important to rinse the cabinets afterwards with clean water. Even products that are not supposed to leave a residue can occasionally leave a residue & will affect the ability to the primer & paint to adhere & perform.

2) Sanding

People often think, “If I am sanding, why do I need to clean the surface beforehand. Won’t sanding take the dirt off?” The simple answer is no. Sanding will remove some of the dirt but for the most part, it will only serve to move grease & dirt around while giving you a false sense that the cabinets are clean.

The purpose of sanding is to create a surface that the primer can “bite” into and grab onto. Regardless of a primer’s ability to adhere to smooth or glossy surfaces, it will always perform better after the surface has been lightly sanded. Sanding with a 120-150 grit sandpaper will lightly scuff the surface & prepare it for priming.

For varnished cabinets, you do not want to oversand the cabinets & remove the varnish. High quality primers will readily stick to the scuffed varnish on the cabinets while sanding down to the exposed wood can cause an unevenly covered surface on which to paint. This uneven surface coverage can cause the paint to have “low” spots where the depth of paint coverage is noticeably uneven & unattractive in appearance. Sand lightly and evenly to prepare the surface to for the next step: priming.

3) Priming

Primers are a high adhesion, high hiding product that provides a superior surface on which to apply paint. Primers are resin heavy so that they stick to problematic surfaces like the varnishes & polyurethane clear coats found on cabinets. Priming also improves the ease of application of the finish paint as it should smoothly flow over the primed surface when brushed & rolled.

Previously, oil based primers were the only option for high traffic surfaces like cabinets. However, improvements in the quality & durability have made latex primers suitable for use on cabinets. As a multi-line dealer, we can mix & match products to ensure that you get the best products for every step of painting your cabinets. In a latex primer, I would recommend either the PPG Seal Grip Int./ Ext. Latex Primer or the Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 Latex Primer. Both products are 100% acrylic, quick drying with stain blocking properties and are easy to clean up. The PPG Seal Grip is my personal preference as I find that it offers slightly better hiding than the Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3. However, we do have customers who prefer the Bullseye 1-2-3 and it is a quality product that will perform well on cabinets.

People often ask: if I use a paint & primer in one, why do I need to prime? My response is usually a question of my own: if it is half paint & half primer, isn’t it only doing half the job? A separate coat of primer & separate coat of paint will perform significantly better than two coats of a 2 in 1 product. If you are going to take the time to re-do your cabinets, I highly recommend using a separate primer and paint. It will deliver significantly better results & in the end, don’t we all want the best results possible?


 4) Painting

Now we are on to the part that I refer to being Dickens-esque. To quote A Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”, as this is the step that can make or break your cabinet painting project. You have invested a lot of time & effort into this project and you now have to simply finish the project by painting the cabinets. Here is where patience & the choice of the right products will pay off handsomely.

The paint itself. We carry two different Para products that we would recommend for cabinets. They are: Para Ultra Hybrid Semi Gloss/ Gloss & Para Ultra Cabinet & Furniture Paints. These quality products are available in literally thousands of colours. Para Ultra Hybrid is a revolutionary new product that combines the durability of alkyd finishes with the quick dry and easy clean up of water based paints. The hybrid paint cures quickly which allows you to get back to using your cabinets faster and is extremely washable. However, the finishes available are semi gloss & gloss so they are higher in sheen. With the move towards lower sheens like satin on flooring & countertops, some people find it undesirable to have a higher sheen on the cabinets.

The Para Ultra Cabinet & Furniture Paint is a latex melamine. It is urethane reinforced so that it is chip & scuff resistant when cured. It comes in a low sheen satin finish that will match most countertops & floors in sheen. Its latex formulation is quick drying with easy soap & water cleanup. As a latex product, the cure time is much longer & therefore is prone to scratching & scuffing initially after painting. The surface should not be subjected to heavy traffic for at least five days after painting.

Painting kitchen cabinets is an inexpensive way to dramatically improve the look and value of your kitchen. Freshly painted cabinets look spectacular at a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. Before you spend thousands of dollars on new cabinets, come into Standard Paint & Wallpaper and see what we can do for you.


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