What Is Service Worth To You?



What Is Service Worth To You?

It seems that each & every day, we offered less service in our daily transactions. From overseas call centres that seem unable to grasp what we need to self serve checkouts that expect us to pay the same while receiving less help, it seems that we get less and less help everyday. Online shopping, for all of its convenience, can be a nightmare of customer service from the many perils of courier deliveries to those online clothing orders that look nothing like the website image & fuel so many internet memes that we all know & love unless it was our order.

When so much of your life involves receiving less service on a day-to-day basis, how much are you willing to pay for quality customer service? Would you skip a steamed latte or two to be 100% happy with your purchase? Standard Paint & Wallpaper has been based on delivering superior customer service & quality products for over 50 years. While you may find some slightly cheaper products than what we offer, we are extremely price competitive while delivering a high level of quality service & value. We are not a self serve paint store and a paint store should never be self serve to begin with. Our job is to discuss what your needs are & match you with the appropriate products or services to best fulfill those needs. It is not to let you randomly pull something off a shelf & zap with a bar code scanner and take your money.

You don’t decorate your home every day and when you do decorate, this is your castle we are talking about. The biggest investment that you have & something that you should be able to enjoy & be proud of. So, why not visit the experts and less us help you with what can be a daunting task? Think of us as your mountaineer guides who will lead you safely through the peaks & valleys of your decorating project. You certainly would appreciate the experience of a guide on a mountain and wouldn’t base your decision on the cheapest guide, would you?

In the end, this is what we do every day and we are committed to getting you to your goal: a beautiful home that you can enjoy & share with family & friends. Ask yourself: would you be okay with skipping a steamed latte or two if you knew that you would receive the quality service & advice to guarantee that you will love your finished home? Skip the Starbucks and visit us in store to experience what service is really worth.

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